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Practitioners of the arcane who have devoted no small amount of time to studying the complexities of the weave. Ranging from mad magi delving into arcane secrets too much for them to handle to benign scholars hoping to use their knowledge for the good of Faerun.

Alignment: Any

Hit Points: 4+CON per level

Proficiencies: Armor (none), Weapon (Wizard)

Skill Points: 2+int modifier per level (2+int modifier)*4 at 1st level

Save Progression: Fort Low, Will High, Ref Low

Attack Bonus: +1/2 levels


Arcane (spell failure from armor is a factor), intelligence-based (a base intelligence score of 10 + the spell's level is required to cast a spell, bonus spells are based on modified intelligence, and the intelligence modifier affects spell DCs), and requires preparation. Wizards begin the game knowing all cantrips and four three + intelligence modifier 1st-level spells.

Cantrips: Cantrips are unlimited on EFU. The slots are automatically refreshed after casting.

Plane Sickness

As a result of the unique aspects of the Wizard class, spells cast by a Wizard impart points of Plane Sickness (!!!) upon the individual who receives the spell. This only applies to Non-Hostile effects. This effect can be negated with the use of an Arcane Foci (!!!), which will absorb a certain number of points depending upon the quality of the Foci. The exact value is indicated upon each Foci. The amount of points that will be absorbed by each Foci will be restored to their original values upon rest.

Custom Arcane Spells

We have introduced a number of new spells. Here is an exhaustive list of the custom spells which we have implemented to date for Wizards and Sorcerers.


Familiars in EFU have been changed to creatures that more accurately reflect the setting. You can view the full list here.