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In short, all acts of creation are influenced by Aspects left over from the creation of the world. Aspects take on strange and extremely varied properties: some are the legacies of ancient heroes, villains, and monsters; others metaphysical elements like the stars, the elements, and ideas; and others are stranger still, with names and meanings beyond mortal comprehension.

Mechanically, most items that can be equipped are influenced by randomly generated aspects. Players gain bonuses (or penalties) by wearing items of similarly aligned aspects.

Quick facts about the system:

  • On first pickup, most equipable items are assigned an Aspect from a large selection.
  • Players gain tiered bonuses (or penalties) from wearing multiple items attuned to a single Aspect.
  • There are potentially small (2), medium (4), and large (6) bonuses. Not all Aspects have all tiers of bonuses.
  • Aspects are varied in power. Some are very powerful and others are actively harmful.