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Savage warriors who are able to take immense punishment and deal it out in equal measure. The Barbarian is able to tap into a primal rage to fuel their physical prowess in combat to great efficiency. In EFU the precise effect of the Barbarian's rage can change dramatically depending on various factors (explored below).

Alignment: Any non-Lawful

Hit Points: 12+CON per level

Proficiencies: Armor (Light, Medium), Shields, Weapon (Simple, Martial)

Skill Points: 4+int modifier per level (4+int modifier)*4 at 1st level

Save Progression: Fort High, Will Low, Ref Low

Attack Bonus: +1/level

Barbarian Rage

Barbarian Rage has been changed drastically within EFU: City of Rings. You can see the changes here


Like many classes in EFU Barbarians have a large list of perks, known as Furors, to choose from. Each one influences how your class and rage functions, generally higher charisma will result in a stronger barbarian rage but consult your selected Barbarian perk for the full details.


Unlike most other classes in EFU Barbarians do not require a bedroll to rest.

Damage Immunity

Varies from one barbarian furor to the next but all Barbarians get some level of physical damage immunity in the rough range of 10%-20%.

Armour Restriction

Benefits such as movement speed and damage immunity are disabled when using heavy armor. Barbarians are generally expected to use medium armor or lighter to make use of their class as designed.


Barbarian/Fighter multiclass is forbidden, but may otherwise freely multiclass. Be aware non-Barbarian levels will increase the cooldown of Barbarian Rage by one minute per non-Barbarian level.