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What is EFUSL 2

EFUSL stands for EFU: Statistics and Logging. Similar to EFUSL1, it is a web based system that interfaces with the NWN game server to provide statistics for players and DMs alike. It is not intended to be a full replacement of EFUSL1, but to replace the most common functionality and add new features in a fresh UI. As with its predecessor, the vast majority of features are built for DM eyes only, but this new version begins to introduce features built specifically for players. Some of the benefits include:

You can view:

  • currently logged in characters & their player IDs and if any DMs are online
  • your character sheet
  • a few charts.

You can also make Player Character Notes or PCNs that are OOC notes on your character's goals and activities that you think are worth noting. Only you and DMs will be able to see these notes. Find more information about PCNs below.

How to Access EFUSL 2

EFUSL 2 is a separate website, so you'll have to following the following link to access EFUSL.

To log into EFUSL 2 and access your character information, you will need to set up a password, In-Game, for your account. To do this, do the following once In-Game:

  • /c password [your_password]

(Example: /c password Happydog)

  • You will then be able to log into EFUSL using your account name and the password entered In-Game.

(Example: Username - TestMcGuffins Password - Happydog)

  • Your password is stored securely and is unrecoverable once you type it in. It's easy to reset, however. If you type the command again you can change your EFUSL password.

(Example: /c password Happydog2)

General Changes from EFUSL 1

Several changes have been made from EFUSL 1, the following is a list of a few of them:

  • New modernized UI that is mobile friendly.
  • Character comments. This is a personalized feed designed specifically for your character. You can write short comments to keep the DM team up to date on your character's goals and initiatives. This makes it easier and more accessible for DMs to keep up to date with what you're up to. Information that needs to be presented in long-form should be referred to in a link to your post on the Personal Character Notes forum. DMs can also comment on your character page so that they can coordinate plots and initiatives regarding your character amongst themselves. This helps keep us organized and cohesive with your character's plots.
  • New / Returned Charts! While the majority of analytics are for DM eyes only, we are exposing some of our server traffic charts to the public.

We hope that these additions to EFUSL will be a useful tool to the community. Bug reports and feature requests are welcome.

Player Character Notes

Character Notes are accessed by logging into EFUSL, going to the 'My Characters' tab and then clicking the PC you want to make notes on. You will then see a box allowing you to make a comment (max 1024 characters per comment).

This information is good to help DMs understand and keep up to date with your PC's IG goals and initiatives. DMs aren't omniscient so Character Notes are a good way to inform DMs about your PC's actions that they may not have seen.

If you feel it necessary to include a particularly long Note, you can also submit one to the EFU forums under the 'Player Character Notes' subforum and link to it in EFUSL.

It's strongly encouraged that you keep (informative and brief) notes on your PC for your own records and to help DMs follow your PCs progress.

Special thanks for Sternhund for this information and the work that has gone into EFUSL 2.