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In EFU: City of Rings, there are many organisations a character can join. Associations do not require an application to the DMs, however to join a Faction you must send in an application.


Peerage Ward Associations

"The Peerage? You can laugh at their moat of sewage...chuckle at their wobbly castles and titles to non-existent lands.... just watch yourself if you get too close, runner, for they can be a dangerous folk. Watch out for prickly lords with guardsmen as fanatic as they come. And above all else, just see you never get between them and some chipped royal tea saucer ... because that's when they'll really start to fight dirty."
-- Codwick the Scribbler

According to legend, the Peerage was once the undisputed governing authority of all of Ring 99. The self-proclaimed nobles families of the Peerage claimed the right of rule on account of purity of blood, deeds of rebellion against the Lizardfolk Master of many ages past, and above all else the blessing of the King.

Time have changed, and the Peerage is now in much decline. The Guilds of the Ring have established their own Ward-Authority in Ticker Square and the Peers do not really control anything past their bridge.

The Peerage itself has become a viper's nest of shifting allegiances, petty rivalries, constant one-upsmanship, and intrigue between and among the different houses. The only thing that truly unites them is a shared language of tradition, superiority, and obsession with the royal markers of prestige.

While the Peerage technically has a Lord's Council that governs affairs, it has not formally met for a long time and ward's only genuinely unifying figure would be the supposed "Royal" Archivist, that staid and grim figure who seems to be only interested in keeping an accounting of which house stands where in the local hierarchy.

It is clear that the Peerage itself exists in a state of flux where strong, proactive retainers have an opportunity to leave an indelible mark upon both the success of their House as well as the future of the entire Ring itself.

In order to join a House, it is necessary to:

  • 1) Be a human
  • 2) Secure the approval of the existing members of the House
  • 3) Pay an admission fee to cover the cost of your equipment (typically around 1k GP)
  • 4) Swear to serve faithfully. Note: If you wish to portray either a treacherous member of the House or someone who will not be primarily focused on the House, it is necessary to consult with a DM before hand.
  • 5) No application or DM approval is required.

There are five principle Houses that characters are able to join. While we recommend actually visiting the different estates in-game to get a sense of their differences, here is some basic information:

House Orza


The Orza are a relatively new power in the Ward. Grigori Orza proclaimed his ambitions for a lordly seat as a young man, then merely the captain of the Gutterknives - a band of brigands-turned-sellsword. Wielding overwhelming military force as his primary tool, Orza first killed for the Lords until his prowess could not be denied - and then claimed his seat. The Orzas have recently claimed the fastness of the prestigious House Moonspear, in that lord's absence -- an unpopular move with their rival Houses.

Retainers of House Orza maintain its peerless martial tradition, and even in peacetime they compose themselves as rough-shod soldiers on a long campaign. The Orza represent a new way of thinking in the Peerage Ward, the idea that might and discipline triumph over ancient titles.

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game.
Recommended Alignment: Any, however Evil PCs will have an easier time.
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid
Recommended Race: Human

House Glitt


Once a gathering place for noble, heroic, and worthy Peers, House Glitt has experienced a meteoric fall. The reigning Lord Glitt is a pale shadow of his father, and has squandered the House fortunes on drink, brawling, and other darker vices... the house is in utter shambles. Only the memory of what Glitt once was ensures its tenuous standing among the Peers.

While some of the House's retainers wish to restore honor and virtue to the old House, most appear to be the true dregs of society. Nonetheless, there does seem to be a certain spirit about the place and the House's buffoonish retainers (drunk as they may appear) do seem to usually come to demonstrate an intense affection and loyalty for the Glitt name.

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game.
Recommended Alignment: Any, however Chaotic PCs will have an easier time.
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid
Recommended Race: Human

House Sunpurse


The solemn and dutiful retainers of House Sunpurse have been a presence in the Ward since its founding. The heirs of the House are afflicted by a curse of ill luck, and each has met his untimely demise before his 35th name day. Currently, there is no living male heir to the house - Phelan Sunpurse has gone missing. The Widow to the late Lord now exists in a state of perpetual mourning, locking herself away in the crypt-like basement.

Retainers to House Sunpurse are generally phlegmatic, dutiful, and focused on the dusty histories of their prestigious House. The ideal Sunpurse is demure, focused, and driven - measuring ambition with assured success.

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game.
Recommended Alignment: Any
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid
Recommended Race: Human

House Velstra


House Velstra has endured the tenure of its reigning lord, Norbert Velstra, badly. It is a House afflicted by constant scandal, and extravagant excess. Lord Norbert is infamous for siring many bastards, colloquially mocked as the "Winespills" -- it is a testament to Norbert's good humor that this now stands as their official surname. Despite the aforementioned, the House maintains its position through shrewd and intelligent political angling; Norbert's network of uplifted bastards and loyal retainers comprise the most comprehensive information net in all Ring 99.

Retainers of House Velstra are perfectionists, cunning at their trade, and poetic in their execution. They are artists, hedonists, and gourmands... but not lacking in restraint, when called for. The ideal Velstra is a peerless socialite, and a shrewd politician.

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game.
Recommended Alignment: Any
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid
Recommended Race: Human (Winespill bastards possible, check with a DM)

House Nephezar


The haughty and mystic House Nephezar is among the oldest of the Peerage, and contend that their bloodline holds the purest and most noble lineage. The heirs of this house are prone to profound genius, or abhorrent madness; the official line of thought is that not all heirs of the family can contend with the potency of the Celestial blood in their veins, and some grow mad or mutant. Currently, the Lord of the House is indisposed - and it falls to his Brother and twin children to administrate affairs.

Retainers to House Nephezar are dogmatic and zealous Censors, or mystical and estoeric Thaumaturges. A strong arcane tradition dominates the house, though rather than the classical atheism espoused by most wizards, the Thaumaturges of Nephezar contend that their magical prowess is nothing less than a gift of the Gods.

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game.
Recommended Alignment: Any
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid, Wizards will have a tougher time.
Recommended Race: Human (Non-Humans, particularly Sorcerers, may be admitted as "pets", check with a DM)

Ticker Square Assocations

Rumor Mill


Formed by Guildmistress Priscilla Klink, the Rumour Mill is advertised as being the premier publication within the City of Rings; filled with salacious Peer scandals, heroic retellings of the deeds of heroes, and back-page advertisements for services throughout the Rings.

Though largely self-sufficient, Priscilla never turns down the aid of those inquisitive or prolific enough to garner her attention.

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game. Access granted via DM only.
Recommended Alignment: Any
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid
Recommended Race: Any
Note: This association is primarily a support / bonus to PCs who want to make newspapers. Other PCs will be considered by concept.

Stonebuilder's Guild


When Ticker Square separated from the Peerage and its various guard forces, the Merchants Guild needed to find muscle & security - naturally, they turned to the strongest folk around, the Stonebuilders.

After the initial construction boom in the Square was over, the Stonebuilders had to turn to other sources of income. Maintenace paid little and so therefore they branched out into the other fields of work for those strong enough in the Rings: provision of "protection" and "safety" services. This was eventually expanded by the Merchant's Guild to cover Ticker Square in general with a long running contract - they keep the peace and easily get to eat.

Now the Stonebuilders are something more than a mercenary company but less than an actual law enforcement agency. Appreciated by the common folk of Ticker Square, but disliked by those with their own personal guards, many Stonebuilders have turned their attention outwards from the Square to remain out of trouble. Helping with this is the fact that a significant number of them are quite superstitious, fairly obsessed with the masonry of the Rings and its mystical properties...

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game.
Recommended Alignment: Any
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid
Recommended Race: Any

The Butchers


Officially employees of "Solomon Krown Enterprises - Fine Meat & Hooch", the Butchers are better known as one of the more brutal gangs of Ring 99. Fortunately for Ticker Square however, their activities are largely directed against the Peerage - except, of course, for those who would think of undermining their boss' monopolies. Founded by Solomon Krown, the Butchers spend part of their time dismantling meat and fermenting booze, and the rest of the time brutalising folk from other Wards or those too cheap to pay for Guild protection. They have particular enmity with House Orza - a blood fued that both sides seem more than willing to engage over at the drop of a hat.

The men and women who don the apron tend to be grim and hard-bitten individuals, completely uncaring about any nonsense regarding curses or mysteries of the Rings. They style themselves as being in "Service to the Krown" - a saying that at once is completely at odds with their straightforward and unpretentious boss and insulting towards the distant and legendary King.

Application: Not Required. Earn membership in-game.
Recommended Alignment: Any Non-Good
Recommended Class: Any Non-Druid
Recommended Race: Any

Elite Factions

Application only DM factions.

Note that unlike previous Chapters, the intention this time is that there will not be any Earn In Game for Factions. Instead your application will either be approved or declined.

Arbiters of the Hundred Scrolls


The Arbiters of the Hundred Scrolls are the indomitable enforcers of a complex tradition of laws written upon sacred scrolls. The Arbiters believe that they are judge, jury, and executioner. They are custodians of the law and mediators of disputes, carrying on a tradition as ancient as the City itself. Rumours brand the Arbiters both as irksome vigilantes who cause more trouble than they cure, and indispensable champions who strike fear into the hearts of the wicked. In the philosophy of the Arbiters, they are all that stand between the City and total chaos.

Ranking Arbiters are called Monitors, and the Arbiters are ultimately led by a secretive assembly known as the Synod.

Recommended Alignment: Non-Chaotic
Recommended Class: Non-Druid, Non-Wizard
Recommended Race: Non-Monstrous

The Knaves of 99


The Knaves of 99 are a thieves guild that consider themselves the masters of all criminal activity in Ring 99. Rumour has it that no act of criminality happens without the Knaves having a hand in it, or at least knowing about it. Because of this, they are often the (willing) scapegoats of crimes they didn't commit. The Knaves are best known for pulling off bold heists that frustrate both the nobles of the Peerage Ward and the guilds of Ticker Square in equal measure, all rumoured to further some unknown 'dark design'. They are associated with any number of criminal enterprises including occasional dark dealings with narcotics and assassination.

Despite being full-time thieves and part-time murderers, the Knaves of 99 apparently have a strict code and hierarchy known only to their members.

Recommended Alignment: Non-Good
Recommended Class: Non-Druid, Non-Paladin
Recommended Race: Any