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Below is a list of questions that new players commonly ask for information about.

If there's anything that you think should be included here, feel free to suggest it.

How do I change my armour's appearance?

You can't alter the appearance of armour or clothing that you find in the game world. However, you can use certain tailors and blacksmiths to create entirely custom pieces exactly to your liking, at a cost. If you do this, you can also add up to two bonuses to the item for an extra cost, one skill bonus and one save bonus.

Where can I rest?

To rest in EFU:CoR, you have two choices. Either find an inn and pay for a room to rest in or create a campfire and, if you have a bedroll and some food, you can rest by it. However, campfires can not be made in all areas. Indoor areas and quest areas especially do not allow you to create a fire.

Also, there is an EFUSS called Wilderness Survival that reduces your chance to require food when resting at a campfire. Druids do not require a campfire or bedroll to rest in the wilderness and rangers need only a bedroll.

How do I set a spawn point?

To set a spawn point, talk to NPC bartenders in inns and there will be a dialogue option to do so. Alternatively, there are camps and caves around the City of Rings where you will see a 'Set Spawnpoint' marker. When you set a spawnpoint, this is where your character will log in to after resets. If you don't set a spawnpoint, you will log in to Ring 100 after each reset.

Why can't I sell things to NPC merchants?

To prevent a massive inflation of the amount of gold available to PCs, selling most things to NPC merchants is disabled. Some items, such as gems and scrolls, can be sold for a nominal fee to NPC merchants. However, we encourage PCs to trade between themselves. You will find temporarily rentable stalls in Ticker Square, the Peerage Ward and Pauper Ponds for you to trade with other PCs.

Why don't I get XP from killing monsters?

In EFU:CoR, the majority of XP is earned through quests. At lower levels, you will receive XP for killing monsters but this fades gradually as you reach higher levels. It is intended to prevent people 'farming' easier enemies in order to reach high levels, and to encourage PC interaction so that you go out and find friends to adventure with.