Guide to Dye Colours

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Guide to Clothing & Armour Dyes

There are many dyes available in EFU:City of Rings. Below is a quick guide to help you find the exact dye you desire.

Each dye is labeled with a reference number which can be seen in the dye description, upon examination, as seen in the example below:


Refined Dark Hell Red Clothing Dye has a reference number of 91. Note that 91 in the Cloth & Leather chart below is what this dye will appear as in-game.

This reference number directly correlates with the colour of the swatch of the same numeral allocated in the colour charts below. The Cloth & Leather dyes share the same chart, whilst the Metal dyes are visible on the second chart.

Keep in mind that even though the code will definitely match the pixels we see in these charts, it's not always going to appear 100% identical to that in-game due to various factors. In such a case, the dye descriptors such as "Hell Red' etc are still useful to get the subjective feel of the colour.

Chart: Cloth & Leather Dyes


Chart: Metal Dyes


Credit and thanks to Aethereal for putting together this extremely useful guide, and to Mort for putting the dyes in-game for us.