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The EFU Monster Lair & Hideouts System

Lairs are locations that specially flagged characters are able to create and improve.

When a character has been approved and tagged by a DM to create a lair type, they can activate the relevant player tool in certain flagged areas in order to dig out and create a transition to their new Lair. They also have the option to tag other characters as a lair occupant. The Lair's entrance tunnel will only be accessible when the Lair Owner or Lair Occupant is online and in-game. Players are expected to use good judgment and consult with a DM about lair placement, for example the Dunwarren lair should be placed in a Dunwarren area.

The Lair begins as a very basic area with free rest and little more. However, characters are able to improve the Lair by gathering various types of resources (which are dependent upon each lair type). The resources are placed in the relevant "Altar" (or Worktable, Soup Pot, Shrine, etc...) and as the total number of lair points increase, the lair is improved. Some lair types (but not all) also accept gold at the rate of 1/4 gold to lair points. Characters also receive XP (modified by level) for depositing goods for the Lair.

  • DMs also have the option to manually increase or decrease lair points as appropriate. In order to see the updates of a particular Lair when a point threshold is reached, the lair owner must relog.
  • There are three or four different tiers for each lair type representing the degree of advancement. The first tier begins when the lair reaches the lair-point value of 3000.

Current Lair Types

  • The Beast Lair
  • The Crypt Lair
  • The Kobold Burrow
  • The Orc Cave
  • The Rot Grove
  • The Dwarf Fortress (Dwarves are not monsters obviously, this lair is a bit different but actually one of the more elaborate variations.)
  • Secret Faction Outposts (Again, this works a bit differently in some ways)
  • The Scum Lair (Bandit/Seedy Tavern themed)

Currently Unavailable Lair Types

  • The Myconid Grove - No longer in Underdark Setting
  • The Dunwarren Lair - No longer in Machine 'Dunwarren' Setting.

How to Get a Lair

Lairs are mostly for monsters because monsters have a hard life in EFU and need a system to be able to thrive outside of the town. If your character can freely exist in a main population area, it is unlikely that your character will be approved for a lair. If your character is non-monstrous but can not exist in the town (renowned necromancer, wanted criminal), maybe a Lair type would be appropriate. Note that there may be exceptions to this principle (for example the Dwarf Fortress) when DMs wish to make use of the system to promote something else interesting.

  • If a lair type is available, you can apply for it.
  • Note that lairs should be used as a tool to help tell an interesting story and thus should not exist for the sake of themselves alone.
  • If a lair type is currently occupied, you should feel free to try to conquer the Lair - subject to a DM's approval, if you defeat the Lair Owner a DM is likely to cooperate with setting the victorious with the right to have the particular lair type.
  • Note however that the Lair type itself is unlikely to be modified in theme, so if for example your Holy Knight defeats the Necromancer and conquers the Crypt Lair we are not going to change the theme of the Crypt into a holy Knight's Hall.

How Lair Raids Work

If you stumble upon a lair, congratulations! Although you can briefly enter, if you see NPCs in the lair you must exit and get a DM to continue. If there are no NPCs yet (signifying the Lair is at an early stage of development) you are free to attack/raid/steal without a DM's confirmation. Please note that there is an OOC placeable at the entrance to all lairs reminding players of these rules.

  • If there are NPCs you need to get a DM, but we are generally happy to oversee lair raids.
  • When a Lair's guardians have been defeated, feel free to attack the relevant Lair Shrine. When the shrine is destroyed, it will drop an object. This object represents everything "pillaged" from the Lair. The object can be used to give resources to another lair type (at the rate of 1/4 of the lair points of the original lair), or sold for gold to various NPCs.
  • When a lair's altar is destroyed, the original owner - if still surviving - can dig out a new lair and start over if they wish.

Lair Features

Every lair type is different and offers different kinds of features to the lair occupants. Here are some of the features that exist in different lair types:

  • Free Rest & Persistent Storage
  • Loyal NPC Guardians that will help defend your Lair
  • Shaman NPCs that offer blessings for gold and who create special items every reset for use or trade
  • Access to improved Alchemy or Herbalism workstations
  • Other various perks according to the theme of the lair type

Lairs are a Work in Progress

If you are a Lair owner and would like to suggest that a particular common item should be flagged for Lair points, feel free to do so (making a note of where the item drops). If you have a suggestion for a new lair feature, feel free to do so. If you would like to propose a new lair type for a concept or group concept, feel free to do so. Questions and ideas are always welcome.