Optional Impairments

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After creating a character, you will be option of selecting one of many character impairments within the Welcome area. The following is a list of the possible selections, and the effects of those impairments. Note, these may be acquired later with DM assistance, or removed with DM assistance, but are otherwise permanent and are seen as in character and should be role-played as such.

  • Each of these impairments, once selected and the character has entered the Game World, is permanent without DM assistance.
  • These impairments can be significantly detrimental to your character.

Limb Loss

One of the following may be selected:

  • Left Hand (5% arcane spellfailure).
  • Left Forearm (10% arcane spellfailure)
  • Left Arm (20% arcane spellfailure)

If selected, no two-handed weapons, weapons, shields (except buckler for loss of only the hand) or torches can be put in the left hand slot. It accounts for creature size for the player races.

One of the following may be selected:

  • Left Leg (20% movement speed decrease)
  • Right Leg (20% movement speed decrease)

To help role-play limb loss, there are two new chat commands that modify the worn armor to show the disfigurement properly. These are:

  • /c disfigurement armor_apply To remove armorparts that otherwise conceal the limb loss. For legs, you get a nice peg leg. It changes the armor based on what you have lost.
  • /c disfigurement armor_remove To bring the armor back to original. This command can be used by anyone, limbless or otherwise.

Additional Impairments

You can choose any and all of these:

  • Dark Vulnerability (??)
  • Light Vulnerability (DC: 12 Fortitude saving throw while in Light Area's.)
  • Dark Weakness (damage in dark areas)
  • Light Weakness (damage in light areas i.e. sunny places)
  • Racking Cough (Penalties as time passes, curable by a special brew)
  • Flies (social stigma)