Plane Sickness

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Plane Sickness

The Plane Sickness is a debilitating illness that affects those characters of the Prime Material Plane & the City when they visit other Planes. Notably, this means your PCs.

Simply setting foot upon planar areas is enough to catch the sickness. Some planes and areas progress the sickness much more than others. While there are few means of battling the sickness, it can be easily treated (and eventually cured) by simply spending sufficient time in the City.

Plane Sickness Progression

As the Plane Sickness advances, changes are made to your character as they slowly and slowly become more affected by the planes. Some of these changes may even be mechanically beneficial.

Should your character reach 10,000 points, your character will be automatically retired and sent to the OOC Retirement area as the sickness overwhelms your body. IC'ly, your PC has been likely destroyed or otherwise radically changed and continuing to play requires the approval of the DM team.

Plane Sickness is organized by the following tiers, determined by the amount of "Planar Sickness" points you have gained from spending time in the planes.

0 - 0 Unafflicted

1- 2500 Infected by the Planes

2501 - 5000 Afflicted by the Planes

5001 - 7000 Moderate Affliction by the Planes

7001 - 8000 Heavy Affliction by the Planes

8001 - 9000 Intense Affliction by the Planes

9001 - 9999 Planar Madness