Rogue Perks

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Rogue Perks

Like many classes in EFU Rogues have a large list of perks to choose from. However unlike most classes they get to choose multiple perks - one at level 4, 6 and 8, with level 8 perks being more powerful. Also unlike most classes, you will always receive your perk benefits once earned, even if you fall in levels.

Rogue on EFU is a very versatile class, able to fill a lot of different roles. Although it works well in combination as a multiclass, the EFU DM team would give this additional incentive to remain pure and help better realize your character's concept through sixteen new perks added specifically for rogues - as a bonus to the selection already available.

You may select perks by opening your character's Crafting Menu. You cannot change your perks once they are chosen.

Rogue Minor Perks (4 and 6)


"Since childhood you've made use of any tools at hand and unlike your more common associates you realize you have two of them. Favoring no hand above the other, you are as trained and adept in the use of the left as much as the right, making you a capable wielder of dual and double weapons."

Pure Bonus: Ambidexterity feat.


"Long brawls in the streets and exposure to numbing fists have made you more resilient to heavy-handed blows. As the number of fights increased you learnt to cover your openings and improve your hand-to-hand combat."

Bonus: Weapon Specialization Unarmed Feat. 5% Immunity Bludgeoning and +3 intimidate.


"You have made a living of moving in diplomatic circles, adapting to the social climate and improving your own skills in the same."

Bonus: +2 Bluff, Intimidate, Persuade


"Growing up as a street urchin you were soon taught the sole means of survival relied on how softly your small hands could get away with the purse of those passing by. Where many others would end up in worse fates, you survived the ordeals of youth with only a slight streak of kleptomania."

Bonus: +2 Pickpocket. +2d6 more gold stolen by using the Cutpurse player tool.

Dirty Fighter

"Whether it is biting, a sharp elbow to the side or cheap punches you have done it all and will do it again in order to win a fight."

Bonus: Dirty Fighting feat.


"Some ordeals are simply too much to bear. In the cutthroat and missile-heavy onslaught of tavern brawls you found it easier just to pick up a stool, plate or table; and quietly head for the nearest exit with the makeshift cover beside you. While others may mock your behavior, it is not your feathers they have to pick up afterwards."

Bonus: Shield Proficiency feat.


"Always studious, you received an extensive and well rounded education."

Bonus: +3 Lore. Gain XP for translating ancient texts.


"Mechanical contraptions and magical devices have always fascinated you. From an early age you have been fiddling with different devices, enough to know a bit more than your peers on how to avoid wrecking such."

Bonus: +1 Disable Trap, +1 Open Lock, +2 Craft Trap, +1 Use Magic Device.

Pure Bonus: 1 random throwable object each rest.


"Curiosity has always been a driving motivator in your life. From the deepest canyons to the highest peaks, upon vast oceans of sea or sand, deep in rural communities or in the capital cities of Faerun; you have either seen the sights or your feet will bring you there someday. With every sight comes the experience of something new, something you may one day bring others to explore in full."

Pure Bonus: Half of exploration bonus for visiting new areas is converted to permanent XP. Works retroactively. Also gain 50% additional XP from Discoveries.

Fencing Lessons

"Classical swordsmanship was an aspect of your early training."

Bonus: +2 Parry, +2 Discipline, +2 Concentration.


"From falsified receipts to false orders a Forger's work in crime is unprecedentedly useful. A clerk in your youth or simply a dedicated criminal you have found that personal business brings far more wealth than public office."

Bonus: May forge a copy of a license in someone else's name. Player tool 2/day. Target first the license to forge, then the PC whose name it should be forged in.

Fortune Teller

"In the uncertain times when even gods perish, the frightful commoner seeks ways to ensure there is a tomorrow. Hidden in dark corners and covered in mystical symbols are the fortune tellers responding to this need; holding the answers to the future in a deck of cards, the posing of a question and, of course, a bit of gold."

Bonus: Special tarot card draws and interpretations. Tarot deck given PC.


"Being on the run has taught you to make do with minimal comforts. While you may be cold sleeping in the dark without a fire, at least you are not dead."

Bonus: +2 Listen. Can sleep in wilderness without the need of a fire. Still needs a bedroll.


"Your youth exposed you to less-than-moral methods of obtaining what you need. Now reformed, you use your familiarity with under-handed methods to expose and thwart wrongdoers."

Bonus: +2 Spot, Listen, Search. Player tool to detect forged items.


"Whether a stubborn personality trait or practice through hard lessons, people have a hard time with changing your mind."

Bonus: +2 Concentration. +1 save vs Mind Affecting.


"From a young age knives always fascinated you. More than just a convenient tool - you have learnt to adapt its uses to your own battle repertoire and you never leave home without a selection of throwing knives and daggers at the ready."

Bonus: 5% Immunity Slashing.

Pure Bonus: Random set of throwing knives each rest.


"The study of locks - particularly belonging to others - has drawn you to it. You know the trademarks of the best locks in Faerun and have picked a few yourself."

Bonus: +3 Open Lock.

Pure Bonus: +1 Thieves' Tools each reset.


"To thrive you must be daring they said. Stand still and be left behind they said. You have seen people come and go over the years from your corner and other hiding places. Like a spider you prefer to remain still until the moment is right, only then making a decisive strike. Fortune favours the bold they said. They don't say anything anymore."

Bonus: +2 Hide

Pure Bonus: +1 saving throw vs Fire and Cold


"A long life of gathering pointless objects has paid off, as dragging them along has made your muscles strong and back sturdy. You're able to bring with you even more pointless objects."

Only available for medium-sized races with 13 or less strength, or small-sized races with 11 or less strength.

Pure Bonus: +1 Strength.


"You grew up learning the basics of healing. You're proud to say that your abilities as a healer have never relied on the ineffable whims of the gods."

Level 5: +4 Heal, +2 Saves Vs. Disease and Poison

Pure Bonus: Healed of disease after rest. The healing rate of Medicinal Herbs is increased by 1.


"Few things are as deadly or as promising as the poisoner's arts. Through careful study you have learnt to apply poison and your failures have given you an increased resistance to being poisoned."

Bonus: +2 vs Poison

Pure Bonus: 1 random poison each rest, Use Poison Ability, Poison Weapon has double duration.

Rooftop Runner

"Born in the big cities, you know that often the fastest way to get around isn't the streets. Whether from Calimport, Waterdeep or any other large city in the lands, extensive use of the so-called Thieves' Highway has served you well and given you an edge on your peers who have used less uneven methods of travel."

Bonus: +3 Tumble.

Pure Bonus: +5% movement speed.


"Broken-nailed, soot-faced and covered in grime. Surrounded by flies more often than not. You are a sore sight that puts you at a disadvantage in social circles, but that is an easy tradeoff for one who has found what you did in places shied by others. Digging through trash piles you sometimes discover treasures left forgotten."

Bonus: +3 Search, +3 vs Disease.

Digging through trash bins occasionally yield results.


"Transferring illegal contraband from one place to another is a thrill you chase. Whether successful or not, you have learnt enough to carry on with the trade and how to avoid getting caught with contraband that'll see you dead."

Bonus: +3 Pick Pocket

Pure Bonus: Able to better hide items when being searched.


"As an added means to distract your opponent before a well placed hidden attack, you have adopted the way of the throwing star."

Pure Bonus: Gain a set of special shuriken each rest.


"Like rats, you have an uncanny ability to know when it is time to leave a sinking ship. Years of unfortunate practice has left you with honed instincts, giving you that extra surge of energy to crawl away from certain death."

Bonus: +2 saving throw vs Death.

Pure Bonus: +15% higher chance of stabilizing.


"Be it for work or idle curiosity, few have you beat at following a mark. Countless attempts of shaking you off have only made you bolder. You know where they live. You are their greatest fan."

Bonus: +2 Move Silently

Pure Bonus: +1 saving throw vs Traps


"Personal property is a foreign word to you and so you pay it no heed. Whether a two-story man, cutpurse or enterprising looter, you know how to open locks people make much effort to keep locked and get away with the contents."

Bonus: +2 Open Lock, +1 Hide and Move Silently


"The careful application of a length of wire, the keeping of tension where the thread is cut, the concealed manner of placement - you know a lot about traps and it keeps you alive."

Bonus: +2 Disable Trap, +2 Set Trap, +2 Search

Pure Bonus: 1 random trap each reset.

Treasure Hunter

"Some people leave their plates half-full. Some people leave their plates with a tiny bit of leftovers. You dig out every single morsel you can find and then scrutinize for more.A cursory glance has never satisfied you and you spend far too much time to make sure something has been done in full. While usually a waste of time, there are occasions you discover things others pass by."

Bonus: +2 Search

Pure Bonus: Small chance to discover random loot when opening a treasure chest for the first time.

Rogue Major Perks (8)

All these perks require you to remain pure.


"For whatever reason, you have taken up an apron and refined yourself into both a formidable alchemist and herbalist - rivaling even mages in these same fields."

Perk bonuses: +15 Alchemy, +15 Herbalism, +15 Tinkering. Create a set of dissipating potions each reset.

Arcane Trickster

"Rogues with an affinity for magic sometimes take the path of the arcane trickster, utilizing his natural intelligence and charisma to play tricks with the weave itself. Nothing is as frustrating to an opponent as someone not only capable of dodging spells - but also stealing his own enchantments."

Perk bonuses: +1 magical damage, +2 Will, +2 Vs Spells, 10% chance to dodge spells targeting you from a hostile creature. Spellthief 3/day.

Steal up to three enchantments from 1-3 enemy targets (Intelligence modifier + Charisma modifier) around you, removing them from the victim and applying the effect to you for a turn. After the theft, you must wait one turn to do it again.


"Delving into old ruins, studying lost civilization and uncovering strange artifacts, the life of an archaeologist enticed you from the beginning and over time you have only grown more experienced in studying ancient ruins, searching for the lost."

Perk bonuses: +2 Disable Trap, +2 Lore, +2 Search, +2 Spot, +5 UMD, +2 will, +4 Saving Throw vs Traps (All), 25% chance of retaining a scroll or a charge on a wand after use. If not already in possession of it, gain two Magic Disruptor throwables each reset.


"Chased throughout childhood and being on the run have given you increased speed as a trait of survival. A standing motto for you have always been to be a bit faster than the slowest of the group."

Perk bonus: +15% movement speed, +2 reflex. Climb player tool no longer auto-fails on a roll of 1.


"You were born with an influence that touched others, meant to lead in noble campaigns or ruthless slaughter. When the world is in chaos and danger near, you are the one they look to for inspiration."

Perk bonus: +2 will, +1% Immunity to everything except magical damage, +5% Movement Speed, +3 Persuade. Command 3/day

Provide bonuses to companions around you and yourself for a short duration as a result of your leadership.
+2 AB, +2 AC, +10% movement speed, +20 temporary hit points, +2 will, +4 concentration, +4 discipline, 5/+1 Damage Reduction for 20 damage for 60 seconds.


"A rare commodity to law enforcement, a skilled thief that uses her skills to oppose society's underbelly is a criminal's worst fear. She can eye a cut-purse or sniff out a lie better than anyone."

Bonus: +1 AB, +3 Spot, Listen, Search. +2 Wisdom. Use of /c detect act to judge someone's bluffing ability. Player tool to identify forged items. If not already in possession of it, gain two Sparks of Revelation throwables each reset.


"Years of elusive play has made you a part of the background, more easily concealed in both day and night."

Perk bonuses: 15% Concealment, +3 Hide, +3 Move Silently. If not already in possession of it, gain one Vanishing Smoke throwable each reset.

Merchant Lord

"Coin and commerce, both are words that you learnt the meaning of long ago. Now you are an enterprising individual through which the currency flows, a person of repute in circles coveting gold."

Perk Bonuses: +4 Appraise, wage of 12 gold per tick, +2 will.


"Your character's ordeals and trials in the game of politics have paid off, giving you increased presence. Your character receives +2 charisma to represent his force of personality."

Perk bonus: +2 will, +2 Charisma, +3 Bluff, +3 Persuade, re-roll failed Bluff/Persuade checks.


"A life in the wilderness has become yours by choice or force. Whether a nomad or a hired scout, you have grown fond of the wilds and your place in it, at the point where animals consider you one of them and leave you alone for the most parts."

Perk bonuses: +2 Hide, +2 Move Silently, +20% movement speed in the wilds, +2 Fort, Animals don't attack you. Access to tracking. If not already in possession of it, gain four Alarm throwables each reset.


"Forsaking the more traditional role of your peers, the grit and blood of dungeons have been exchanged with the sophisticated dance of cloak and daggers in noblemen's halls. A master of spies, you hear and see everything with the appearance of never even leaving your comfortable seating of choice. You, of course, know that appearances are deceiving, and remain cold-thinking and undaunted in face of the next threat to rise against your chosen dedication."

Perk bonuses: +3 Bluff, +2 vs Mind Affecting, +2 vs Fear, +4 vs Poison. 5gp wage. Disguise Ability.


"A swift cut here, a taunt there and an impossible backflip that leaves you out of harm's way - the way of a Swashbuckler. You have learnt the art of fighting a style that most consider mere theatrics than actual swordplay. Of course, you know better."

Perk bonus: +1 AB, +1 AC, +2 Reflex. Swashbuckling 3/day

+1 AB, +2 AC, +10% Movement speed.
Random effect either on yourself or your enemies every second round for 120 seconds.


"Your character has survived a tough life in the streets and the fights have paid off. You are able to shrug off some damage and strike with more precision."

Perk bonuses: +1 AB, 2/- Physical Damage Resistance, +3 Taunt, +3 Intimidate, +2 Constitution.