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Summoning System

First and foremost, EFU uses a custom system that allows characters to bring forth more than just one summon depending on the size of their summoning pool and the cost of this summon as explained below. This means that as opposed to vanilla NWN, your dream of having an army of summoned creatures can easily come true on EFU. Simply said, you have a certain amount of points in your summoning pool and the desired summon you wish to bring forth will 'occupy' some of these points, which means that as opposed to vanilla NWN, you can bring forth as many summons as your summoning pool can handle for a extended amount of time - Please refer to Summon Monster for information on extended duration on summons.

The summoning system consists of three primary variables:

Summoning Points

You receive 20 summoning points per level into your summoning pool. For example, a level 8 wizard will have 160 points to use. it is possible to have your summoning pool increased beyond the 20*level formula by perks, such as the Sorcerer Cultist perk and feats, such as Spell focus: Conjuration and Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration.

Summoning Costs

The cost of the selected summon type depends on the following:

  • The summoning theme you are currently using - different summon themes of various levels have different cost that is decided according to their power as a balancing measure.
  • Which level of summon creature you are casting - The cost might increase rapidly: a Summon I might cost mere 10 points but a Summon IV may easily eat up half of your summoning pool.

Summoning Themes

With a few exceptions that are best figured out IG, characters with unchanged summoning theme end up with the default City of Rings theme. However, even in the OOC starting area you can choose different themes to fit your character and once IG, there are many different ways to go about ICly acquiring a summoning theme.

  • Firstly, the easiest to acquire are summoning reagents, which serve as a one-time use only and require you to have a conjuration focus (an item that can be rather easily acquired IG) to use them. As said before, you use them once and the reagent in question will be destroyed and the character will return to his default summon theme. It should be said that discovering summoning reagents will certainly require a new player to pay attention and use another easy-to-acquire item to successfully identify an item as a summoning reagent.
  • Another option are summoning tomes, which are definitely harder to acquire than reagents. Similarly as the reagents, summoning tomes require you to have a conjuration focus to use them, but once you do, they can be used permanently and will not disappear after single use.
  • Finally, there is the character's default summoning theme. The default theme is the summon type your character casts without the use of reagents and tomes, meaning it is mostly what you have selected in the OOC area or acquired through other IC means to be applied to your character.

Special thanks to Robocop for compiling the original information used in this entry.