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Bards are a colorful and strongly characterized class on EFU, but are frequently used for multiclass characters because of their versatility. These perks provide a small boost for characters fully dedicated to bard levels and are disabled if levels are taken in any other core class. Prestige Classes do not disable class perks, but may come with other restrictions.


You are a master artisan with your weapon, as much a performer as a warrior. You made your trade at festivals and carnivals as a sword swallower and knife juggler. You jump and spin with your weapon in an impressive and intimidating display, or in a slow and graceful dance. If there is a showy way to wield, throw, or display a weapon, nobody knows it better than you.

- Perk: Cleave feat.


(Good only)

Once you led the gospel at your deity's church or temple, singing harmony to soothe and inspire the following. Now, in a place rife with small gods, You are a shining light in a world cast into uncertainty, bringing hope and praise in the name of your chosen deity.

- Perk: Bless is bestowed the bard on singing.

Dwarven Barreller

(Dwarf only)

You enjoy the finer things in life. A hearty laugh, a goblin to clobber, and a barrel of dwarven ale. The most whimsical of dwarves, you are still stout and dependable and your brothers are always glad to have you along to brighten the dark tunnels of the mines.

- Perk: Heavy Armor Proficiency.


You are of the Gur, the Bedine, or perhaps the Argenti. To live is to take what you can and run with it, stand tall when you must, or flee to survive. You have learned the stories and songs of your people and family, walked the long path and lived a life of the free soul - and whether it was questionable or honorable in the eyes of others, you are free to do what you like.

- Perk: +10% Movement Speed.

Jack of All Trades

The True Bard, versatile but a master of no craft. You can wield all weapons, wear most armor, cast spells, and employ the thief's arsenal of skills. You are an entertainer, a storyteller, a singer, a lore keeper and when the mood strikes, you are not one to be held back.

- Perk: Weapon Proficiency: Martial.


You are the fool, the clown, the buffoon. Everything is a joke, including yourself! You are the comedian who raises morale, entertains, and crafts scapegoats for the world's problems. Mirth and merriment are your bread and butter and you like it slathered on thick.

- Perk: Receive a throwable object each reset.


Ancient scrolls and dusty tomes are old friends to the ones who seek the most secret and hidden lore. While your oration and tone may be as dry as what you pursue, the knowledge found inspire further progress.

- Perk: Gain XP for translating ancient texts.


You are a musician, a master of the lute, flute, horn, or even cowbell. Making your living supplying festivity at-ins and for crowds, there is nothing more joyous than the music you've written to inspire others. Your value as an entertainer is known and appreciated by all.

- Perk: Free resting at inns.


Few are those born with such vocal force that rivets attention with every word. The power to turn a crowd to one's own agenda is comparable to the highest spells and most deadly weapons, a power you are well on your way to master.

- Perk: Re-roll failed bluff and persuade checks.


Exposed to destitution at a young age, for years your only friends were the rats salvaging the garbage alongside you. Their squeaks and scratching turned to melody in your ears and soon you joined the orchestra, quickly becoming the conductor playing the pipe. Animals have ever since finding harmony in your songs but it is the friends who started it all who have come with you all the way.

- Perk: Animals don't attack you.


Honored and respected, you are the warrior-bard. You travel and fight alongside your fellows, seeking adventure and acclaim and then immortalizing them and yourself through songs and poetry. Woe be to the one who maligns you for they will find themselves slandered as villains for the world to know.

- Perk: 5% Immunity to slashing and cold damage.


Some bards sacrifice their spellcasting flexibility for sturdier armors. Spell singers have learned to make use of leather without incurring penalties, and have an easier time casting spells in the heavier variants if they are daring enough.

- Perk: -15% Arcane Spell Failure on armor.

Spirit Chanter

(Evil only)

From an early age you've always felt that you were never quite alone. Restless voices whispered to you in tranquil moments, their grief beckoning your inquiry. Now you sing for spirits only you see, voice tingling with the undertones of the incorporeal.

- Perk: 2/- Negative Energy DR.


You are the romantic poet, the chivalrous writer. Nobody espouses the ideals of pure heart and true love as you. Even in these uncertain days, there is love to be found, and you will find it. You will nurture and protect it and bring it back into the world through poetry and song.

- Perk: 4gp wage while within an inn.