Prestige Classes

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Prestige Classes

In EFU: City of Rings, Prestige Classes are difficult to achieve and require an application. They are not recommended for new players and are typically given to players who have shown strong role-playing abilities and knowledge of the server and its setting on their through in-game achievements on their current or previous characters.

You should not expect us to allow you to completely rebuild your PC (i.e. no keeping high levels), but we will be glad to remove experience so that you can level back up in your new prestige class.

Please submit some details of your desired build for us in your application, including level split, so we can keep an eye on what you're planning. Weird or highly optimized build plans will likely be more challenging applications.

You will not lose any perks that you have sufficient levels in your base class to keep (i.e., you will not 'lose' a perk because of multiclassing into a PRC), but you should also not expect to retain perk bonuses if you don't have sufficient levels in the base class. For example, unless you are keeping 8 rogue levels you won't get to keep your level 8 rogue perk.

In a perfect world, prestige classes would be mostly earned in-game. Your character should have made significant progress to develop the prestige or acquire the knowledge necessary to pursue these special paths. Some prestige classes absolutely require the successful completion of specific accomplishments (i.e. an assassin completing a contracted kill). Players wishing to play prestige class characters should anticipate a potentially slow ride towards actually being able to take these classes.

Below you will find a list of available Prestige Classes.