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Necromancy Systems

Animating the Dead has been heavily customized in EFU: City of Rings using the spell Animate/Create Undead.

While much of the system is best discovered in game for your own personal sense of enjoyment and achievement, there are several core mechanics that should be common knowledge, and are as follows:

Animate Undead

In order to animate your undead, you need to be capable of casting the spell Animate Undead or Create Undead. Additionally, you can access the spell through items, scrolls, wands, or through the appropriate Sorcerer Perks, Bone Warden, Rotbringer and Carrion_Feaster.

  • Once you have access to the spell, simply cast it upon the ground to animate a zombie, or upon an appropriate corpse. For example, 'Skeleton Bones (Warrior)' are common corpses that can be utilized for animating the undead. There are many of these corpses that can be found in exploration, purchased, or acquired through other means.
  • You can also animate the undead through the Animate Undead player tool. Simply use the player tool on any corpse object or on the ground, as with the Animate Dead.
  • Spell focus: Necromancy and Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy cumulatively reduce the cost of animating each undead by 14 Summoning Points. This is important to assembling hordes of undead, as each undead can cost significant amounts of points.
  • Note, undead animated by Wands, Scrolls, Spells, and Items are mutually exclusive. You cannot animate an undead through an item and a spell at the same time. Undead summoned through Items, Scrolls, and Wands are lost on resting. Undead animated from spells and the player tool are persistent on resting.

Enhancing your Undead

Each undead you animate can be further enhanced, simply by interacting with the undead. From the menu that appears, you can either enhance the undead or give it a weapon to equip.

  • Enhancing your undead comes at a cost. You will take constitution damage, magical damage, or both each time you enhance your undead. You can increase the amount of times that you can enhance your undead by the following formula: Spellcraft + Lore + EFUSS Alchemy + (G)SF Necromancy. Exactly how much you can enhance your undead, and in what ways is best discovered in game.
  • In order to give your undead a weapon to equip, lay the weapon on the ground and interact with the undead. Select the Give Weapon command, and the undead will collect the weapon if able. It will equip the weapon if able upon entering combat. These weapons can be collected from the undead after they are destroyed.

Unique Features of Necromancy

  • Necromancers with the Spell Focus: Necromancy have access to the Unleash Undead player tool, allowing for semi-persistent Undead to be created.
  • Unlike standard summons, including planar binding and 'summon swarm', Undead from the Spells Animate Undead and Create Undead have a 24 hour duration that lasts through resting.
  • Necromancers have a unique prestige class that they may pursue that has been changed for EFU - City of Rings, see Pale Master.
  • With many custom spells and spell effects in EFU: City of Rings, it can be helpful to glance at the Necromancy page under spell changes for custom effects on Undead. Keep in mind that many normal spells, such as Mage Armor, work normally with many Undead.

Special thanks to Mort and Diz-e for inspiration and information relating to this topic.