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Alignment: Any Neutral
HP/Level: 8 + CON
Armor (Light, Medium), Shields, Weapons (Druid)
Skill Points: 6 + INT
Saves: Fort High, Will High, Reflex Low
BAB: +3/4
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Druids tend to spend time away from settled neighborhoods and large groups of people, often preferring the company of vermin and stray animals and seeking out the secluded places where nature can still thrive unoppressed. They prefer to inhabit the wilderness, or to coexist with natural life in unnatural places (e.g. among worms in the gutters, or among a pack of wild dogs in an abandoned house).

Regardless, all druids should generally adhere to the following guidelines lest they lose their strange powers:

  • Druids have an aversion to civilization and conventional civilized behavior, but particularly for the encroachment of civilization upon the wilderness
  • Druids must have a general respect for nature, particularly animals and plant life, and should strive to maintain the fragile balance of nature
  • Druids hold a loathing for such practices as animating the dead, summoning extraplanar beings, and similarly intrusive, unnatural acts of magic
  • Druids particularly oppose the presence of aberrations and djinn, as well as the depraved mages who summon them
  • Druids may not wear metal armor (including mithral) or a metal shield, nor brandish non-druidic metal weaponry
  • Druids may not teach the druidic secrets to any non-druid.


Alignment: Any Neutral

Hit Points: 8 + CON per level

Proficiencies: Armor (Light, Medium), Shields, Weapon (Druid)

Skill Points: 6 + INT modifier per level, (6+INT)*4 at 1st level

Class Skills: Animal Empathy, Bluff, Concentration, Craft Trap, Heal, Intimidate, Lore, Parry, Persuade, Spellcraft

Save Progression: Fort High, Will High, Ref Low

Attack Bonus: +3/4 levels

Spellcasting: Divine (spell failure from armor is ignored), wisdom-based (a base wisdom score of 10 + the spell's level is required to cast a spell, bonus spells are based on modified wisdom, and the wisdom modifier affects spell DCs), and requires preparation.


Wildshape Removed
Spellslots Brought up to match Cleric
Divine Spellcaster Druids use Divine Wands and Scrolls
Resting Unlike most other classes, Druids do not require a campfire to rest.
Natural Swiftness Starting at level 3 Druids begin to move more quickly in natural areas.
  10% movement speed increase if the PC has at least 3 druid levels, and is in a wilderness area.
  15% movement speed increase if the PC has at least 6 druid levels, and is in a wilderness area
  20% movement speed increase if the PC has at least 9 druid levels, and is in a wilderness area.
Restrictions Druids restrict themselves to non-metal armor and weapons that are permitted by the Druid Class Weapon Proficiency feat. Other weapon types may be considered by DMs on a case-by-case basis if the item be thematically appropriate to your druid. All druids should be vigorously opposed to the undead, aberrations, and the encroachment of civilization upon the wild.

Druid Perks

Using the crafting menu, a player can access the Druid perks and gain access to Druidic Channeling.

Druidic Channeling Uses Per Day: 2 + CHA Modifier

Water Bearer

Level 1

  • Skill Focus: Heal

Level 5

  • Druidic Channeling: Healing Circle

Level 8

  • Level 8: Cure Wounds (light, moderate, serious, critical) restores 5 additional hit points. This includes scrolls, wands, and trinkets but not potions.


Level 1

  • +2 Concentration
  • +2 Survival

Level 5

  • Druidic Channeling alters based on the Region it's used within
    • While in the Canyons areas:
      • +X% Slashing Damage Immunity
      • +1d4 Slashing Damage Shield
    • While in the Tundra areas:
      • +X% Cold Damage Immunity
      • +1d4 Cold Damage
    • While in the Islands areas:
      • +X% Electrical Damage Immunity
      • +1d4 Electrical Damage
    • Other Interior areas:
      • +X% Bludgeoning Damage Immunity
      • 2/- Physical Damage Immunity
    • Other Exterior areas:
      • +X% Piercing Damage Immunity
      • 25% Concealment
    • X is 10 multiplied by the PC's raw CHA modifier, bounded at 25
    • Duration is Round/level

Level 8

  • +10% Damage Immunity based on Region

Celestial Charter

Level 1

  • +2 Astronomy
  • +1 Caster level to Lunar Bolt
  • +1 Caster level to Body of the Sun

Level 5

  • Druidic Channeling alters based on the time of day
  • Druidic Channeling: Sun Circle
    • +1d6 Fire Damage
    • +25% Fire Immunity
    • Duration: Round/Level
  • Druidic Channeling: Moon Circle
    • +1 Regeneration
    • Turn/level

Level 8

  • Spell Focus: Divination

Desert Wanderer

Level 1

  • +2 Survival
  • +2 Hide
  • +2 Move Silently

Level 5

  • Drudic Channeling
    • +50% Move Speed
    • Duration: Round/level

Level 8

  • +5% Movement Speed

Beast Tender

Level 1

  • +2 Animal Empathy
  • +3 Herbalism

Level 5

  • Druidic Channeling: Reverse Awakening
    • Each round while nearby their animal Companion:
    • +2 Attack Bonus
    • +2 Dodge AC
    • Targets: Self
    • Duration: Turn/level

Level 8

  • +1 to Enhance Ability rolls (cannot exceed 5)

Rot Warden

Level 1

  • +1 AB vs Beasts
  • +1 AB vs Magical Beasts
  • +1 AB vs Animals

Level 5

  • Druidic Channeling: Consume
    • Consumes the nearest animal carcass and grants:
      • +4 Strength for an Animal corpse
      • +4 Dexterity for a Magical Beast corpse
      • +4 Constitution for a Beast corpse
      • Duration is turn/level

Level 8

  • +2 saves vs Death
  • 5/- Negative Energy Resist


Level 1

  • +1 AB vs Undead
  • +1 AB vs Construct

Level 5

  • Druidic Channeling: Destroy the Unnatural
    • Deal 1d4/CL magical damage to all nearby Undead and Constructs in a Huge Radius

Level 8

  • +2 Dodge AC vs Undead
  • +2 Dodge AC vs Construct

Druid Spell List

Cantrips 1st Circle 2nd Circle 3rd Circle 4th Circle 5th Circle 6th Circle
Cure Minor Wounds Camoflage Barkskin Call Lightning Cone of Stone Awaken Energy Buffer
Flare Cure Light Wounds Blood Frenzy Contagion Cure Serious Wounds Baleful Polymorph Greater Dispelling
Light Endure Elements Body of the Sun Cure Moderate Wounds Dispel Magic Crumble Greater Stoneskin
Resistance Entangle - Dominate Animal Flame Strike Cure Critical Wounds Healing Circle
Virtue Flame Lash - Greater Magic Fang Freedom of Movement Death Ward Herald of Winter
Acid Splash Grease Charm Person or Animal Hypothermia Greater Creeping Cold Drown Regenerate
Electric Jolt Jump Creeping Cold Ice Whip Hold Monster Extract Water Elemental Scrying
- Magic Fang Enhance Ability Infestation of Maggots Ice Storm Inferno Slay Living
- Sand Splash - Mass Ultravision Lunar Bolt Monstrous Regeneration Stonehold
- Sleep Healing Sting Neutralize Poison Mass Camoflage Owls Insight Summon Creature VI
- Summon Creature I Hearthfire Poison Stoneskin Sand Storm] -
- Ultravision Hold Animal Protection from Elements Summon Creature IV Spell Resistance -
- - Lesser Dispel Quillfire Wall of Fire Summon Creature V -
- - Lesser Restoration Remove Disease Wall of Ice Vine Mine -
- - One with the Land Sand Pillar - - -
- - - Spiderskin - - -
- - Quicksand Spike Growth - - -
- Resist Elements Summon Creature III - - -
- - Summon Creature II Summon Swarm - - -
- - Web - - - -

Animal Companions

Animal Companion
Dire Rat
Giant Spider
Wild Dog

Bard Barbarian Cleric

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